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How to Ensure a Great Shot of Both Your Talent and the View Outside

If you have windows in the studio space you film in, you’ll want to make sure your footage can include both your subject matter and the view outside the window, and that both look great.

In a recent interview, Broadcast Blinds talked about their solution that uses a combination of gels and scrims to control sunlight in TV studios so the view looks great inside and outside.

Watch the video to see for yourself. >>

In this interview, Rick Smith from Broadcast Blinds and Matt Robbins from KITPLUS talk about the custom light control options that are manufactured in the US, shipped anywhere in the world, and installed by our knowledgeable crew.

Rick talks about how “we tailor the F-stops to the situation as it is, because obviously a north-facing window in Dubai is going to be different than a south-facing window even in New York.”

What started as a solution for TV studios has broadened to include other markets that desire high-end production values now, such as high end conference rooms.

You can find out more about Broadcast Blind’s daylight control solutions at broadcastblinds.com.

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