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A common misconception network executives have when lighting designers and studio managers start talking about light control is… “Oh no, we can’t lose this view!”

After all, the view is likely why the studio is in a particular location in the first place, right? So it’s an understandable concern. 

Watch a 2-minute video on a project Broadcast Blinds did with Food Network that shows why you don’t have to worry about covering up a nice view. 

You can filter out excess light without losing the view!

See how as Rick Smith walks you through the lighting options at Discovery’s new Food Network studios in Manhattan. 

It’s a state-of-the-art kitchen, and the natural light control, which Broadcast Blinds worked on in coordination with Lighting Design Group, is no less impressive. 

In the short video, you can get a taste for a few different options they’ve chosen to employ for different daylight scenarios – scrims, gel, and blackout shades.

If you want to know how you can manage natural light without losing a good view in your studio, schedule a call with us

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