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Need updates to your studio’s daylight control?

Broadcast Blinds here in Sirius XM Pandora’s new studio in Miami. As you can see, we’ve created a graphic that coordinates with the wall. This allows them to have a finished studio look with a wall to the street, for those times when they’ve got guests on set that they don’t want visible from the street. And it gives Sirius XM Pandora a way to control the lighting in the studio, too.

And in the future, if they want light control or daylight control, that’s something we could provide for them. It’s our specialty – we work with all types of studios that have windows and provide daylight control.

As far as we know Sirius XM Pandora is going to do shows from here. They’re making a pretty big deal about the upcoming opening. We’ve got a fairly long-standing relationship Sirius XM Pandora and it’s been great working with them on this project.

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