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Back on the Avenue (Fox Refresh)

If you’ve ever taken a close look at the Fox News studios overlooking the Avenue of the Americas — 6th Street, if you need help navigating — you’ve probably noticed the 30-foot-tall windows on street level, and perhaps the 15-foot-tall windows on the story above that. Inside, on both stories, are studios that are in almost constant use, from early morning to 8 in the evening for various Fox News broadcast productions.

It’s been 20 years since Broadcast Blinds installed daylight control there in the News Corporation building, and recently we returned to make sure the studio windows have rollers, gels, scrims, and blackouts needed to accommodate conditions throughout the day.

TV Studio Daylight Control - Broadcast Blinds

Although the sun moves in the same path it always has, the buildings and building facades reflecting sunlight into the studios have changed over the years. The four studios equipped with daylight control needed a bit of an update to accommodate two decades of change.

While we were able to slip into the studios for 2-minute walkthroughs during commercial breaks, we updated and refreshed the daylight control system during the studios’ down time. Thanks to a great relationship with the lighting designer, who knows exactly what each studio needs, we were able to focus on just making it happen.

We designed it together 20 years ago, and we planned it well. That’s why adapting and adjusting over the years, refreshing as needed, isn’t such a big deal. And it makes a big difference in terms of how the broadcast actually looks for viewers at home.

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