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The Best Daylight Control Comparison Yet …

When I spoke with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices at NAB, he compared a presenter without daylight control to an interview with someone in witness protection. It’s a perfect comparison! (And whether the presenter is in a windowed TV studio or a corporate conference room, it’s not a great look.) 

Chuck and I talked about how you can combine several different gels and scrims in a single daylight control installation to make the most of your view and make your presenter look great, no matter what time of day it is and no matter what kind of exterior light conditions you’re dealing with. Watch the full video below.

We also took a look at the new Broadcast Blinds green screen option. It’s great because you can turn a windowed space into a backdrop for augmented reality, or AR, elements within a broadcast or presentation. You could, for example, roll it down during a break so that it’s ready for your weather segment, then roll it back up and reveal your usual city scene for the rest of your news coverage. The possibilities are really endless, and we’re finding that it brings our clients a wealth of new options in using even smaller spaces.

In fact, Chuck and I hit on another truism about daylight control: most of the time, it’s an invisible element of a studio, office, or conference room. When it is done well, viewers simply don’t see it. They don’t realize (and don’t need to know) that the alternative is the blown-out witness protection look. Instead, they get well-lit talent in front of a beautiful view of an iconic city scene, and it all looks great.

Interested in learning more about what daylight control could do for your studio or conference room? Let’s talk!

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