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Making the talent — and the background outside — look good on camera

When Alhurra TV built itstheir new facility in Dubai Media City, the broadcaster they needed innovative solutions for to controling the intense sunlight that comes through the windows all day without obscuring the spectacular view of the city outside.

At Broadcast Blinds, we help control the amount of daylight coming from exterior windows in studios so the talent — and the background outside — both look good on camera. We do this by using a combination of “neutral density,” or ND, scrims and gels layered on the windows. The more ND layers, the less natural daylight you have coming through the windows.

Daylight Control for Television Studios
Alhurra TV’s lighting specialists asked us to help control the light coming through the studio windows at the Dubai facility. Broadcast Blinds designed two layers of NDneutral density filtering over the windows and light blocking on the edges of the windows. The filters are on multiple rollers and motors that can be controlled from the lighting console in the studio. That allows lighting directors to control the filters in real time so they can light the talent properly.
In the next month or so, we’ll return to Dubai to install blackout shades for additional masking to control the amount of light that comes across the floor based on the position of the sun.

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