“If we had been at NAB this year ….” I’ve said it many times, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

I’ve made the trip to Las Vegas and the NAB Show countless times. But this year I stayed home and met virtually with customers via NAB Show Express, a virtual version of the trade show that ran May 13-14.

As you probably know already, Broadcast Blinds offers solutions that control daylight for studios with exterior views, allowing our customers to provide the best possible view of the outside world while maintaining the best possible view of their in-studio talent.

For NAB Show Express, I put together a quick demo that shows exactly how this works. You can watch the video video below.

In many cases, your daylight control solution will help you ensure that your outside view – a notable building, a popular statue or landmark, a well-known avenue, a famous bridge, etc. – doesn’t get blown out and that your talent doesn’t go dark.

Another great solution that helps you make the most of studio real estate is the green screen blind. So when you want to mix things up a bit and use your window space for graphics and other background visuals, you simply switch to the green screen.

All of these solutions can be controlled by DMX, so they’re easy to use. No manual intervention necessary. In fact, if your control system is set up to support it, you can manage your daylight control system remotely. If you’re working in a control room in one city and the studio is in another, no problem!

While I enjoy showing off these solutions in person, the NAB Express demo video that I put together does make it more convenient for you to check out how incremental reductions in natural daylight can help you to achieve that ideal balance of lighting within your windowed studio space. You’ll also learn about how we tackled daylight control challenges in recent installations, including a CNBC studio in San Francisco.

After the demo, we got some great questions about how to determine the right mix of layers, the types of windows (and window sizes) we can accommodate, the amount of space different solutions require, the time it takes to install a typical solution, and the mechanisms we use to prevent bunching and other potential issues.

Check out the Broadcast Blinds NAB Show Express video now. It’s really worth a watch!

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