Every television studio that’s used throughout the day and has windows can benefit from daylight control. Only with daylight control is it possible to accommodate — and even take advantage of — the changing effects of exterior light from hour to hour.

During a recent installation in a studio in Iraq, we saw just how much work a traditional daylight control solution would require. The studio has 10 feet of vertical glass stretching 40 feet, so the need for daylight control was unquestionable.

Without a modern daylight control solution, in-house staff would be forced either to apply gel on these expansive windows using squeegees, or to install and uninstall hanging panels with different gels (depending on the time of day and angle of the sun). Given the limitations of these approaches, as well as the difficulty of undertaking either approach effectively, the facility’s best choice was to install a more modern solution.

We were able to go in and examine the new studio, then use our expertise and experience to customize blinds and gels specifically for that facility. Because the daylight control solution we designed is tied into the studio’s lighting board, and because changes can largely be automated, the process of adjusting blinds and gels is an almost invisible task, requiring little technical expertise — and no manual labor, of course. As live production gets under way, the settings for daylight control can be adjusted to give every show just the right amount and type of natural light.

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