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Daylight Control for your Television Studio

Do you have windows in your studio? Need to control the daylight on your talent?

Lighting directors and lighting designers, you know all about the challenges that come with windows in a studio…

Here are a few helpful insights we’ve gained in working with daylight control in television studios.

1.) Assess Lighting Throughout the Day

When looking to install a daylight control system, it pays to understand the unique requirements of your facility. You may understand them intuitively, but take specific notes about when and where reflected light is an issue, as well as the different degrees of exterior light control that might be required over the course of a day.

2.) Survey Your Space

The actual physical dimensions of your studio, the placement of windows, the configuration of presentation spaces, the positioning of studio cameras, and the availability of appropriate electrical connections are all factors that play into selecting an optimal daylight control system for your needs. You might find that you’ll need to specify new wiring to support the system, or that you’ll need to include side channels to address potential light leakage from particular windows. What will you need to do to ensure that the system remains out of camera view?

3.) Consider Control Options

Ease of use and reliability are always important in studio systems, and daylight control solutions are no exception. Try out control interfaces to see how intuitive they are. Find out about the historical performance of different systems, and about any performance guarantees. To future-proof your investment, be sure you select a solution that relies on common protocols such as DMX, sACN, and ART-NET. Finally, be sure the control system is installed in a way that yields easy access from wherever it’s needed, whether that’s across the room or across the globe.

Beyond these key considerations, remember that a daylight control system isn’t put together overnight. Like any other part of the studio, it requires planning and consultation with the appropriate solution experts.

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